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MyndVR - Improve Quality of Life Through Virtual Reality Technology

Cutting edge technology that fosters physical, cognitive and mental wellness.


Using fine motor coordination and full-body movements, patients can manipulate objects in a virtual space to address deficits in sensation, motor planning, upper and lower extremity limb strength, center of gravity shifts, coordination, and range of motion; all in a way that is both purposeful and fun.


By using VR, exercises can be adapted, made more challenging or simpler depending on the patient’s needs to address physical deficits, limb flexibility, reaction time and coordination all which can be beneficial in reducing falls. When patients are engaged in an interactive experience, they often forget they are in a skilled therapy session.


Applications can be used throughout the entire community:

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Activities / Recreation Therapy
  • Caregiver staff
  • Residents and their family members

Achieve groundbreaking results*:

  • 92.5% of residents experiences reduction in anxiety

  • 58.3% of residents experienced a reduction in pain intensity, measured by the DVPRS pain scale

  • 69.6% of residents stated that VR aided with their pain (Regardless of DVPRS pain score)

  • 93.7% of residents would recommend VR to other residents in their community

  • 92.4% of residents stated that a VR session improved their overall experience at this facility
* Results based on a study of over 300 Virtual Reality (VR) sessions conducted in one community.
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